A challenge accepted!

I am proud, extremely proud!

Yesterday, Eri Wessels and I completed the Basingstoke Half Marathon in support of Victoria’s Promise.


Eight weeks ago when Erin had only just decided that she would be coming to join me in London for a few months of work, I sent her the link to Victoria’s Promise and their shout out for volunteers to run the Basingstoke Half Marathon in support of their charity. The email said “Fancy doing a half marathon with me on 1st oct?”, the response I received “I registered!! Eeeeeeeek :)”

Over the next eight weeks, we ran past Hampton Court Palace more times than we can remember, each time increasing our distance. The early morning training sessions tested us, but as a team we worked great together. I would be the morning motivator, up and out the house with a “can do” attitude. Roles would reverse come Kilometer 5 where Erin’s running legs would kick in and she could continue for hours – me, not so much. Together, every morning we ran together making sure to put the miles behind us.


There were many reasons personal and otherwise why we joined together to raise money for Victoria’s Promise charity.

Both having attended all girls schools, having an amazing support of strong women in our lives and being surrounded by women in the work place, we acknowledged the facts – statistically 1 in every 2 people are predicted to get cancer in their lifetime and we wanted to support those close and far who do. The way in which Victoria’s Promise care for and represent young women with cancer made them a worthy charity to support along our journey to 21km.

We created a Just Giving fundraising page with the target of reaching £1,000 as a team by race day for Victoria’s Promise. We had to get a little creative when we weren’t so sure that we would reach our target. On impulse, we purchased furniture off gumtree in the hopes to upcycle & resell the items – the intention was for the profits of the sale to be donated towards our race… All items are still available…


When we realised our furniture DIY Dames business was not proving to be fruitful, we changed tactic.

I sent a mail out to the parents of my piano students asking if they would participate in an end of year summer concert in support of Victoria’s Promise. The response was great and within a few weeks, we had a music recital to plan. We roped in friends and family to perform along side my piano pupils (aged 5 – 14), contacted local businesses to sponsor raffle prizes and baked some delicious Victoria’s Promise themed purple cupcakes.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 13.47.38


Thank you to each and every one of you who contributed to our efforts, those who donated online, those who sponsored our music recital, those who cheered us on week by week. With each donation, you helped us smash our goal!


Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 13.24.40

Ten years ago, to my detriment I would get roped into running the 1.5km for my boarding house at sports day. I could never run the race without stopping to walk. Those experiences turned me off running. In March 2017, I joined my dad on two park run’s whilst visiting South Africa – I couldn’t make it through the full 5km without stopping to walk. Yesterday, I completed the full 21km with the words of my brother in my head “you came to run, so once you’ve caught your breath, run again” !



I was always nervous to try. I wasn’t the sporty girl at school at what would others think if I made it, or if I didn’t… Running for a cause and with the support we received changed my perspective. This was more about what we were running for and less about us, and we did it!

A big thanks to our family and friends who saw us through. Erin’s family from half the world away in South Africa who have a super hero cancer survivor as well as a brave, courageous fighter working their way through the sickness!

To my family, close and far. Baba – for getting me into running this year. Mommy – for making sure we were full of nutrients throughout our training and making the effort to come over to London and see us cross the finish line. Paulie & Ke – for sending advice and keeping in touch from afar, Antz – for going along with being roped into performing at another music recital, for being there to see me finish and to celebrate with us after, Bim – for your never ending support and being super proud of me, Dino & Hayley – for giving us a worthy cause to run for, for supporting us, being proud of us and for getting roped into every event. Nick, for putting up with a grumpy guts whilst trying to motivate me up the training hills, for always being there, no matter what!! And for gaining an extra girlfriend in the process as you supported Erin and me. P.S. We loved our finishing flowers!

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 14.14.54


Just because our race is over, does not mean the charity and women they support don’t still need your help! We will endeavour to continue supporting you as best we can. To the rest of the VP team who participated yesterday, congratulations!


Till next time, #SAILTEAMRUNFAST




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Don’t Just Sit There! Change, move, grow, fall!

I’ve had this nagging feeling in my mind for a couple of weeks now. Maybe a couple is an understatement, its been a couple of months and I’ve consciously been thinking that I need to take the time to write, update, remember… but now I see how adult life just rushes by and here I am, two years on and only now beginning to touch the letter keys which will inevitably open your minds to what has really been going on behind the facade that is my FaceBook wall.

I have no set place where I can start and following an exact timeline will require too much sought after detail which I am unable to find during these few hours I have off in this blue moon, but I will try.

Some of you may know that the end of 2013 saw me make a complete change in my life as I packed up my bags and moved to London. I pretended to convince you all (myself mostly) that it was in order to progress my knowledge, grow and gain skills in a business field while studying a Masters program in International Business and Management at The University of Westminster – but alas, it was obvious to all that the move had to do mostly with a boy. Three years later, I am happy to say the boy still holds and looks after my heart and the Masters is in the bag – a big change from the Bachelor of Arts Costume Design Degree I left South Africa with.

Masters pass


So jumping back a bit, the last time I updated this blog, I had only been living in London for two months, I had holes in the bottom of my shoes which I refused to replace because it would eat into my monthly budget (which was very small) and I was saving for my bedroom. At this stage, I was a baby sitter (not even working half a week) for a family in the area I was living in and most of my income would go towards bills. Jump two years on and I now wear timberland boots (courtesy of my generous boyfriend) and I’m still saving for my bedroom ;).


I went from working as a nanny in Putney for six months to working in a beauty salon in Chiswick (very nice area of London) where I enjoyed the company of my colleagues and getting my manicures and pedicures done weekly, it was great and the pay increase helped me save towards Nick and my first holiday away together to Turkey in the summer.


Our Turkey trip

I have had the privilege of watching my niece Chloe grow in the UK, she lights up my life every time I see her. I love how her vocabulary has changed from a simple “Hi!” to “Neck (Nick), what is Ratatouille doing ??”

BeFunky Collage

September of 2013 I started my Masters degree at The University of Westminster where I became close friends with a few of the girls on my course (pictured below), it was great to have some of my own friends again and to socialise with people who were in the same boat as me (new in the country and not having many friends). We spent days at the college together, formed work groups for projects and even went to Winter Wonderland at Christmas time together. It was great fun. We all graduated in September 2015 and since, they have all had to return to their home countries due to VISA requirements in the UK (thank goodness for my Greek heritage). During the course, we were taken to Brussels for a week to work on a chocolate making project, it was a good week away eating lots of chocolate and getting to know our fellow class mates better. I wrote a blogpost which was later published by the University if you fancy reading what we got up to in Brussels: Masters Course Trip Away Blog Post

BeFunky Collage1.jpg

Friends from Uni

In December of 2014 I escaped the cold and headed home to sunny South Africa where I burst into tears emotional as always at the arrivals in Durban Airport when I saw my Mommy, Baba and brother Kimon! The main reason for my trip despite the obvious of catching up with friends and family was to say goodbye to our family home of over 27 years. My parents had decided it was time to pack up, retire and live a life in the summer – 6 months in Greece and 6 in SA (0ne day I hope to do something similar). It was very tough to say goodbye to Emily and Theresa, my two other mothers who looked after me since 04/06/1992, they taught me how to cook, sing, shout and love and they knew everything about everything that was going on in our lives. These special women were an integral part not only in my growing up but also as a part of the family.

Sa collage.jpg

I also had managed to convince my London friends to make a trip out to South Africa for the summer sunshine, lions and daylight robbery. Nick, Dino and Hayley spent a couple of nights with us in Nambiti Game Reserve where we witnessed a buck being struck by lightening 10 meters from our game drive vehicle – close enough to smell the burn. We had one encounter with male lions so close to our game drive vehicle that everyone was holding their breath, too scared to make a sound in fear of attack.

We left the rolling hills of KZN and headed to Cape Town where the pommies got scorched on top of the double decker busses while I wrote my three midyear exams in the British Embassy (long story). The two weeks flew by and before we knew it, Nick and I were returning to London for the snow (minus our cellphones).


Back in London, I was soon to be homeless as my Putney accommodation had been put on the market by the landlords and I was really not looking forward to living with strangers again. Because of the wonderful people they are, Dino and Hayley offered me to stay with them for awhile in Kingston until I found somewhere I was happy to live. Adam graciously gave me his room in the flat during this time, and I never left! I had the best ten months living with Hayley and Dino, it always felt like I was “coming home” and we all became closer as the months rolled on.


In May 2015, a remarkable woman, mother, wife and friend lost her battle to Motor Neurone Disease. Koula fought hard, her family fought hard and everyone loved so much. Hakuna Matata to you Koula, and Happy Birthday for tomorrow!

Koukla collage.jpg

Classes ended in May and I soon realised I needed to start making some money so that I would be able to have a suitable cash flow to tie me over until I officially graduated. I found myself a job in London and as excited as I was, it soon became a lot of work for very little income. I also found myself and my fellow co-workers were being exploited for our skills and age and decided this was not the place I wanted to start my working life. The search began for another position closer to home with reasonable working hours and a proper contract in place. I was unsure of what role I wanted to work in but knew I needed business experience.

In between the drama for work and finding a new job, my romantic boyfriend whisked me away for a surprise trip to Paris for my birthday. I had never been before and I was very excited when we arrived at the Eurostar early one morning and I found out where we were going. I was spoilt beyond belief; eating chocolate crepes in place of birthday cake, cycling towards the Eiffel Tower on my actual birthday and watching the Can Can Can at the Moulin Rouge. It was a trip of a lifetime and on our return I was treated to even more birthday celebrations by the wonderful Dino and Hayley.


On my return from Paris, I landed the perfect job position – 6 minutes cycle from my home in Kingston and for an accountancy firm where I was supposed to do the marketing and some admin. I very quickly learnt the ropes of the accountants assistant when my direct manager left for a bigger firm. Before I knew it I was able to prepare personal tax returns as well as manage clients accounts, and I found I was enjoying it more than the marketing side of things. I like the structure and I like sticking to deadlines so I always feel like I can check things off my to-do list and get my sense of achievement. The new position also allowed me time to pick up a couple of private piano students in the evenings after work as I didn’t have far to travel home and finished work early. Two students soon became three, then four and now I currently have nine individual piano students who I teach every evening after work Monday – Thursday. It is a great feeling teaching, it completely refocuses my mind after a long day behind the computer and the children make me very proud during their different stages of their learning.

I cycle to all of my lessons each evening which gives me some physical time outdoors and fresh (bitterly cold) air in my lungs. I had a terrible misfortune with a car door on my way home from one lesson in October which landed me in A&E (hospital emergency room) for a couple of hours while Nick sang The Phantom of the Opera to me – one because he said I looked like the Phantom and two because he was trying to cheer me up. Both worked well.


Bicycle accident bruises – not fun!

In December of 2015, I put together a music concert for all the families of my students at a local private school in Kingston. My students played their piano pieces and we had a Christmas special guest appearance from Nick, Dino and Anthony. It was magical!

An exciting change for my London house mates, they decided that before Christmas of 2015, they wanted to buy a proper home together and move out of our lovely apartment in Kingston. A sad day indeed for our awesome foursome but an extremely exciting start to their life together. This meant that I needed to make a home move again, and this time I was CERTAIN that I did not want to live with strangers. As luck would have it, when I started working for the accountancy firm, I also started working for the best bosses out there! As fellow South Africans, they had made the move to London may years before and as it turned out, could accommodate me in their home in London where no one was currently living but where they needed a presence. Its a fabulous home, large with a real kitchen and dinning room table (for entertaining) and even has a garden – unlike many London homes my friends live in. I was both excited and nervous about moving in but I have loved it so far and am very happy that everything has fallen into place. I was also able to host my family, Nick and Kirsti to a New Years Eve dinner around the table which felt wonderful.


Dino and Hayley in the doorway to their new home ❤

Having Kirsti visit in January of 2016 was lovely, it was as if a single day had not passed since we last saw each other and it was a welcome relief to sit down at a table for dinner with someone who knew me through and through and just have a good chat. I have really missed these moments with my close friends and it has taken a very very long time to try and establish similar relationships in the UK. I do feel like I am slowly getting there though, Nick often says to me that he thinks I put too much pressure on myself to make friends quickly when I first arrived, but as being surrounded by friends and family all the time around my dinner table as my norm, it was very difficult to feel so lonely.

After my accident (which gave me a sinking feeling of how quickly things can change), I experienced a deep need to feel like I was working towards something achievable again, a goal that I could reach, that would help me feel like I had accomplished something. I am aware of this feeling, I have had it most of my life – maybe it comes from my competitive family, or a deep room inside my soul which never feels like I have done enough. I am unsure, but I like to fill it and work towards something. Further discussions around this matter with my boss and mentor have helped me make the decision to work towards the CFA qualification (which I will write the first exam for on my birthday this year). It is a long way from the musical theatre stage where I once saw my life, but I am so excited to stretch my mind and learn.

Nick and I have just returned from a whirlwind trip in Venice over the weekend. It was magical and some quality time away for us after a busy start to the year. We ate the most amazing pasta I have ever had (not surprisingly) and I may have just opened a tiny window in my heart to Italy.

In a few weeks time I will be flying out to SA courtesy of my job and am thoroughly looking forward to seeing my SA family and friends. My parents have recently bought a home in Hout Bay, Cape Town where I believe I have a room (kind of, it has my stuff in it so am hoping that makes it mine) and I can’t wait to see my little SA niece Hannah who is so much older than when I last got to spend time with her.


I read a post on FaceBook last night which in summary mentioned how we can so quickly become blinded to the real feelings people are going through when all we see on their FaceBook news feed is happiness and adventure. I know it is not the first time it has been said and it is not the last time I will read a similar post and consider how much it rings true – how so often I see posts of friends hanging out together and then become upset thinking I have no friends in the UK (which is far from true), how I will see friends buying cars and I despise the fact that I always have to run for the train (and still end up missing it) and how I see people celebrating the important dates with their families and I miss out on Mother’s day, Father’s day and birthdays. It is not easy and often I hide behind my happy posts (because who wants to see anything different?) but then I remind myself of the adventure I have been on, on the things I have achieved outside of my comfort zone, of the love and support I have from my family and friends and of the new days we organise to celebrate the important dates and times spent together. I look forward to having Christmas, New Years, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Easter and birthdays in March when I visit home.

So having changed, moved, fallen and grown over the last two years – I am still here, still standing.







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One month in…

As of Monday, January the 13th I have now been living in London for one whole month. My, where has the time gone. It feels like just the other day that I packed Mamoo (my little teddy bear monkey) into my handbag and left sunny South Africa.

A bit about what’s been going on over the past month.
Arriving at Heathrow Airport, all my ‘essential’ belongings packed into two 23kg bags I was adamant that I would make it to Dino’s by myself, lugging bags onto bus’s and trying to convince myself that it wasn’t as cold out as I had been expecting. Eventually 2.5hours on and I arrived to the happy site that was Dino carrying an extra jacket for me at the Kingston station.

The rest of the day went to plan as we rushed around getting things ready for Nick’s surprise birthday weekend away in Ros-On-Wye. Table decor, Batman birthday cake, food ingredients for me to do the good Greek thing in the kitchen and an attempt to get Chinese Lanterns. Everything was left in the capable hands of Dino as I made my way to Nick’s house for my first night back at the manor.

Butterfly Park

Butterfly Park

Saturday morning came and having had a few curve balls thrown at us; Nick not needing to go to work therefore being able to leave to go away earlier, the 30 Chinese lanterns not arriving at Dino’s in time therefore making him run to the shops to buy another 10 and a Batman cake which needed to be changed due to colouring at the last minute, we were finally off.

The drive saw Nick and I go through the Wales tollgate, worried that we were completely heading in the wrong direction the messaging started between Hayley (Dino’s girlfriend and myself) all while trying to convince Nick I was messaging the organiser of the place we were going to. Bare in mind that Nick thought it was just the two of us going away for the weekend.



Come 1.30pm we arrived at the minigolf, butterfly park and hedge puzzle but Dino and the rest of the crew weren’t there yet so in an attempt to stall I dragged Nick into the pub opposite for a beer which he then had to finish in six minutes. By now he sensed something was up as he kept commenting on the fact that I was so called sms’ing the venue host and apparently seemed anxious. All went according to plan and on eventually walking into the butterfly park, Nick was surprised by ten of his friends, a Happy Birthday Balloon and a rather funny reaction. Pictures follow…

Surprize birthday

After our two nights away in the country we went back to Surrey for the evening where we were taken to Guilford to watch ‘The Water Boys’ a band made up of Scottish, Irish and English musicians and who some of you (old folk) might know the song “Whole of the Moon”. I thoroughly enjoyed this concert that Nick’s parents took us to.

So the following day started our three day stay in London where we ate far too much, were extremely spoilt in musical theatre shows, being taken to see my dream Les Miserables as a surprise on our first night, The Book of Mormon which Nick found incredibly funny and I found shockingly rude and then of course the classic Phantom of the Opera, all while fitting in Winter Wonderland, last minute Christmas shopping and a quick trip into Ant’s studio.

So to not bore you of an each day account for the month, here were some of the other highlights:
Nick’s actual birthday – watching the Hobbit on Europe’s largest Imax screen
Christmas day – the giggles and present opening with my little niece, Chloe on her first Christmas, she definitely made this weird day being away from home and Mommy and Baba much better.

Christmas Love <3

Christmas Love ❤

28th – Pantomime with Costa, Koula and the Rakitzis clan where we sat in th front two rows and I think I embarrassed our group a little with the level of enthusiasm that I shouted “he’s behind you!”
3rd Jan – A gourmet meal for Dino’s surprise birthday dinner at the Rakitzis home where, while blindfolded, he could tell he was home just from the smell of the house.

Dino's surprise dinner

Dino’s surprise dinner

4th – Treated to a comedy show by the Stannard family, Dame Edna – Australian comedian much like the South African Evita Bezuidenhout
Dinner with the gorgeous Jarryd Nurden on his whirlwind first visit to London

Stylish J =)

Stylish J =)

Going out for dinner with George and Anita Acavalos who I had not seen in years.

Long time no see..

Long time no see..

Getting to see Isabella (fellow matric music student from school) and meet her lovely boyfriend while she visits London for a month before returning to UCT.

photo 5
A return trip to Surrey to stay in the Stannard Manor and be treated to a movie day out with Nick’s parents to see 12 Years a Slave, heavy going and really great.
And finally, my first week on work in the UK! Its not much, just a nanny job but I am very happy to have a tiny income after my extravagant past month and also find myself in some sort of routine.


Loving London

Loving London

Ant, Marcia and Chloe leave this weekend to visit sunny South Africa and the rest of the family. I have no doubt everyone will have a great time watching the two cousins meet, Courgette and Banana, but as Ke says, Chloe might show some interest but Hannah is likely to sleep through most of it, guess that just means another visit later on. P.S. Ke, I’ve been running and now can run 30min continuously – hopefully will up it to 40min this week!

Hopefully on my next monthly note I will have moved into a share house of sorts with some weird and wonderful people and possibly have a more permanent job, hopefully teaching music.

Love to all.
G x

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Lingerie London…

July brought with it a long awaited trip to London to study Lingerie and more directly, pattern making for bra’s at the London College of Fashion.

With bright blue skies, travellers being warned to carry water with them as the city experienced its hottest summer for the past four years (max temp.  around 34 degrees Celsius) and with an eagerness to learn, I spent my first day navigating London’s transportation systems, getting claustrophobic in the morning rush hour and making it into class just before it started – proudly sporting my backpack and looking like a little girl on her first day of school in this buzzing, fast moving, fashionista, fairyland.


The London College of Fashion… Well, it isn’t much to look at from the outside. An old warehouse that has been converted into the college is in Shoreditch. I am told this is the new up and coming place to be for arty types and young people, a lot like Observatory in Cape Town, South Africa. There are loft apartments, small café’s on the street corners and warehouse buildings which house creative type businesses.


Our course was run by a pattern maker by the name of Linda Wing and was run from the 22nd to 26th July 2013. The course focused on making three styles of bra patterns. Two were made using a size 34B manikin mould and the third was created purely by technical drawing off written measurements.

Not wanting to lug sewing and cutting equipment throughout my travels with me, I had a run around finding a sewing shop in the UK when I arrived to get the required equipment for the course. Being closer to Winsor for my first couple of days, I was directed into a shop called “C & H” to purchase some of the equipment.

What was needed: 345


  • Olfa Deluxe Rotary cutter with safety mechanism 28mm or 45mm only if unavailable
  •  tracing wheel
  •  tape measure
  • French curve
  • Pattern master or Graders Set Square
  • small ruler
  • fade-able fabric marker pen
  • 5mm propelling pencil with one of the following types of lead: 2H to 6H
  •  fine pins
  •  Shoben designer tape
  • notepad and pen


All of our patterns were made in Calico material for the purpose of wanting to create the perfect moulds for the cups in a stiffer material. The object of the course was to learn how to make patterns for bra’s that could be sent to manufacturers who would make the pattern design by the hundred, not to complete a finished pretty bra.


Making patterns using a manikin mould


The tape is used to create the pattern look you would like, carefully using calico material and pins one then moulds the calico to the manikin, pins it in place, draws the pattern onto the calico – each pattern piece using a different piece of calico.

One you have transferred the pattern onto the calico you cut out the pattern pieces using your rotary cutter for more precision cutting.



The process is far from over… once you have your cut out pattern pieces (mind you they are only of one side of the bra as the other is a replica), you transfer the pattern onto pattern paper where you label all the pieces and add seam allowance to the sides that need to be sewn together.

The patterns, now with seam allowance are then transferred back onto calico material and now the new patterns are cut out. It is imperative that one labels all pieces all the time otherwise when it comes to sewing you can make many mistakes.


The next step is to sew all your pattern pieces together, what a pleasant experience it was to do so in the London College of Fashion lingerie sewing room. All these sewing machines are dedicated purely to the students studying lingerie of which there are only 25 a year in a class.


Once you have sewn the pattern pieces back together you have to remould the bra to the manikin to ensure that it fits. Any changes that need to be made must be done so now to the original pattern pieces drawn on the pattern paper.

1314The same process was repeated over the next three days for the Plunge bra and Balconette bra which we also added under wire and padding to.









After completing this five day, 45 hour course and walking away with three patterns, half a bra each, I have a new appreciation for the time and effort that goes in to making women’s lingerie, and we haven’t even begun to make it sexy looking yet! Here’s to the long road ahead of “Kouklitsa Lingerie”, women’s fashion in the making!





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AFDA Assist Program

Once in third year at AFDA, you as a third year student get assigned first year students who you are to teach and mentor for the duration of the year. It is a leadership program and a learning experience for both the third year students acting as teachers/ mentors and also for the first year students who learn through their mentors what they do not get taught about by their lecturers in their chosen fields.

As a costume, make-up and stylist student, I was assigned two assistants and took on another two for the duration of the past six months. When I was in first year, I recall not feeling welcomed by the third year mentors. They made very little effort to involve us and feeling threatened by them I feel I did not learn as much as I could of during that year. Not wanting to make the same mistake with my assistants, I organized a bonding day with the four of them. Within their first two weeks at AFDA I had them working together and teaching the how to put a bald cap on someone.

During this mentoring day, I got to know my assistants pasts; the high school’s they attended, their ages, whether they had taken a gap year or not, if they had siblings, whether they were from Cape Town or had moved to study at the AFDA in Cape Town. I got an understanding of why they had chosen to come and study film as when I applied to AFDA it was by default and I did not actually know what film was about, let alone think that I was going to end up studying costume make-up and styling when I had enrolled to study music.

I had chosen the bald cap as the first bonding session task as it was the week before cancer awareness week and they had been assigned a task by the head lecturer to create a blog about their costume, make-up and styling ideas. Wanting to be effective in the time their blogs were posted in order to get the most number of public views, I lined the photo’s to be ready to be posted during cancer awareness week with the main aim of saying that with or without hair, people are people and people are beautiful.

In the end, we created a bond which helped in the weeks to follow as they respected my wishes and were present when I called for design meetings in preparing for our experimental film which was filmed in April. All of my assistants got assigned a character which they could design and come up with ideas for, we honed their images and ended up creating solid characters during the four days we were on set filming “Into Thin Air” a third year experimental film.

The following pages contain pictures of “The Bald Cap Mentoring Session.”








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Quirky kitchen: Greek Easter Preperation

So I am home in KZN for a short English Easter holiday and as it has come accustom for me to host a Greek Easter dinner around this time for my English friends, today was spent in the kitchen like a good Greek girl in training as I prepared food to feed my 18+ guests for tomorrow night. (Greek Easter is officially only the weekend of the 4th of May but because I will be back in Cape Town by then I decided to move my date to a Wednesday night – it’s all fun!)

What’s on the menu?
Starters – Tzasiki Dip with oven warmed Pita
Mains – Mousaka and Pasticho
Pudding – Greek Easter Bread and chocolate eggs for my English friends
Salad – Greek Salad
on the table – Greek Red died eggs

Tzasiki Dip

Ingredients: (depending on how many you are making for, add ingredients to taste, listen to your tastebuds for measurements)
Greek style yoghurt
Cucumber roughly grated
Olive Oil
Fresh mint

Roughly grate the Cucumber

Grate the cucumber roughly

Strain the Cucumber so that the liquid is separated

Strain the cucumberWater drained

Cut the fresh mint

Fresh mint

Peel then squish your garlic


Combine: Yoghurt, mint, and Olive Oil in a bowl

Combine ingredients

Add the strained cucumber to the yoghurt mixture and stir together

Add cucumber

Add salt for taste (most important tasting in the Tzasiki – salt and olive oil)

Tzasiki finished

Mains: Mousaka


2 large eggplants
1/4 cup Olive Oil
1 large onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1kg minced beef/lamb
425g can tomatoes
2 tablespoons tomato paste
1/2 cup dry red wine
2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
1 teaspoon sugar
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
Salt, pepper
1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese
1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg

Cheese Sauce
125g butter
2/3 cup plain flour
1 litre (4 cups) milk
Nutmeg, salt, origanum
2 egg yolks + 1 whole egg

How to prepare your eggplants:

Wash them Bringils  Cut off the stalks Cut off stalks stalk off
peel off remaining green Peel off cut off back of egg plant Back of eggplant
Slice into 1cm pieces Slice 1cm slice all your eggplants all eggplants

Place pieces one layer on a tray and lightly dust salt over to drain of bitterness and water salt drain

wait for 10 min then rinse off salt water in a sift


Dry your eggplant pieces with paper towel carefully them again place on clean and
spray-cooked baking tray. Lightly pain each piece with Olive Oil

Paint with olive oil

Bake eggplant in the oven for 10 min on 180 degrees Celsius
Bake      10min

Making the mince
chop the onions and garlic
Onions  Garlic Chopping

Put in a pot with some melted butter to fry until onion is soft

Add mince, cook, stirring until mince is browned

Add unstrained chopped tomatoes, wine, parsley, sugar, cinnamon with salt and pepper to taste and simmer, covered for about 25min

Making the white Sauce
Melt the butter on a low heat on the stove in a pot
melt butter

Add the flower a Tbsp at a time and mix into melted butter with a wooden spoon until it is all mixed in. The mixture must be dry and crumbly
flower  Crumbly

Take off the heat and add the milk a little bit at a time, mixing thoroughly with a whisk to make the flower dissolve into the milk, one dissolved return to heat

Add Salt, Nutmeg and Origanum to taste (at your own discretion)

to taste

Grate a block of cheese and add to your milk mixture
Grated cheese

Separate your two egg yolks and add to milk mixture, also add one whole egg
Egg separation

Once your sauce has thickened, spoon a layer of it onto a spray and cooked, oven proof dish. This will help keep all the insides of your dish together as one when it is cooked
layer of sauce

Place one layer of eggplant over your sauce layer
Layer eggplant

Layer your mince on top of the eggplant
Layer mince

layer with eggplant again on top of mince

top layer

pour remaining white sauce over your top layer of eggplants then sprinkle some cheddar cheese and parmesan cheese on top

white sauce  cheese sprinkle

Bake for about 45min in the oven until lightly browned
Recipe can be made a day in advance
Storage: covered, in fridge
Freeze: Suitable
Microwave: Not suitable

Tomorrow I will post the Pastichio recipe, how to make the Greek Easter Eggs and how to make Greek Easter Bread…

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